Bodywork x Guarantees

When it comes to bodywork, I don’t make results-based promises. Clients often tell me about their symptoms, then ask if working with me will ‘fix’ it or make it go away; and, the truth is, I can’t say for sure!

It’s natural to want to know what we’re getting, especially when it comes to how we’re spending our money. And guaranteeing that I can fix your specific body complaints is probably more appealing, from a marketing perspective, than saying “I’m not sure.”

But I’ve been doing bodywork for long enough to know that, when it comes to living bodies, we can’t truly know. Every person is unique. There are so many variables — genetic traits, past experiences, habits, learning preferences, thoughts & beliefs — that affect how our bodies process bodywork and what is possible in the span of one session (or ten!)

What I can offer is this: an experience. I am here, not to fix you, but to help you experience your body in a different way.

In the process of learning to experience your body in a different way, a lot can happen:

  • Unprocessed sensations might come to the surface; some of them might be uncomfortable

  • You might struggle, or feel challenged or frustrated

  • Your body complaint might persist for longer than you think it should

  • You might learn a posture or movement pattern that resolves your body complaint, but you don’t like the way it looks

  • You might be self-conscious or feel unfamiliar to yourself for awhile

You also might:

  • Awaken to new sensations in your body that feel good & supportive

  • Learn new ways of moving & carrying yourself that help you feel strong, adaptable, & resilient

  • Resolve your pain & discomfort

  • Become more self-aware, realized & confident

I think it’s important to be honest with folx about what they’re entering into. Because, while I wholeheartedly believe in the life-changing power of this work, it’s ultimately up to you to decide if the potential benefits are worth the potential challenges.