Perfectionism x New Year's Resolutions


As we transition into the new year, many of us are making BIG plans! This time of year is so filled with hope & encouragement.

But I think this has happened to most of us — around March (...or, y’know, late January), we ‘fall off the bandwagon’ as they say.

Making a new habit feels weird, and sometimes we struggle and we don’t like it. And maybe we forget a few times, or skip it because we don’t feel like it. And then, after awhile, we just go back to what we’ve been doing because it’s easy & familiar.

I know, for me, it’s my streak of perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking that trips me up with stuff like this. When I can’t execute my perfect plan perfectly, my reaction is to think that I can’t do it - I’m not cut out for it, it’s too hard, etc. It’s like I’m so overwhelmed by feelings of not-good-enough that, to avoid dealing with them, I just shut down and give up.

Fortunately, I’ve learned to be more & more aware of this pattern. And whats helped the most is to give myself permission to do something badly.

Most people fumble & struggle & fail a lot before they become skilled at something — that’s just life. And yet I was expecting myself to be supernaturally good at things I had little-to-no practice doing.

When I expected I would do badly for awhile (and made myself okay with that), it became a lot less scary for me to try new things. And, ultimately, to perservere and succeed.