Planners x Mental Health


New year, new planner! 😍

Using a planner has been sooo helpful for managing my mental health and manifesting my dreams.

Before I started using a planner, my brain was constantly like, ‘don’t forget to _______’ and ‘I really need to _______’ and ‘I don’t _______ enough’ and ‘I feel like I’ll never _______’

And when I wasn’t stressing about what I should or shouldn’t be doing, I was escaping my feelings at the bar or vegging in front of the TV (which, as you might’ve guessed, were not the activities I wanted to be doing more of)

Now, every Monday, I look at all the notes and to-do’s I’ve jotted down throughout the week, divide them into baby steps, prioritize them, and schedule them out — all of them! I try to balance my time for work, self-care, and relationships in a way that feels right each week.

Then, when those thoughts come up, I can put them to rest knowing that it will all be done. And I take comfort in knowing that my time is dedicated to the things that matter to me.