Posture x Habit

Posture is not fixed — it’s a dynamic expression of who we are, what we’ve been through, and what we’re thinking / feeling / doing in a given moment. If you find yourself ‘stuck’ in the same posture all the time, the problem isn’t that you ‘have bad posture’... it’s that you’ve created a habit of thinking, feeling, sitting, standing, & moving in the same ol’ way.

Posture-related pain isn’t the result of any ‘wrong’ position you’re putting yourself in. It’s that you’re not exploring a wide-enough range of your body’s capabilities and, as a result, you’re not developing the adaptability & resilience that your body needs to feel alive & strong.

Varying our movement is the answer to so many of our body’s problems, and it’s the advice I give most to my clients. Take a wiggle break at your desk. Learn a new skill. Try a new movement class. Practice consciously relaxing all the muscles in your body before bed (stillness is a point on the spectrum of movement, so don’t forget to practice that too!)

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