Rolfing x Authenticity

In a Rolfing series, one of the first questions that we seek to help you answer is “Where am I?” Using touch & verbal cues, we help you more-clearly define the ‘map’ of your body in your brain.

Typically, as you develop more awareness in your body, you’ll become more aware of “How am I?” You’ll get better at monitoring your sensations and regulating your nervous system. This step is where the work starts getting *really* powerful — this is how Rolfing helps us have less pain & stress, and more energy.

But some of the most beautiful Rolfing experiences I’ve had the honor to witness happen when a person begins to answer the question “Who am I?” more clearly & authentically than ever before.

By developing better physical integrity, we create an opportunity to come into better personal integrity. And I am so grateful to get to work with folks who are ready & willing to step into the next best version of their Self!