Rolfing x Integrity

Rolfing x Physical Integrity

Throughout our lives we develop all sorts of habits, patterns, & coping mechanisms that show up in our bodies, in the ways that we move & carry ourselves.

Habits are born from our body+mind’s natural drive to be energy efficient. But when we lean on habits that are unhelpful, ineffective, or outdated, we end up wasting energy.

In a Rolfing series, we try to help you intrinsically unlearn old habits & patterns that aren’t serving you and, instead, to practice moving from your center.

When you start feel how the different segments of your body relate to one another through your center, you can begin to move & carry yourself with integrity — all segments integrated & working together.

If you aren’t already moving in this way, it’s because your energy-efficient, safety-oriented body+mind recognizes how difficult & scary it is to explore something new. And it believes you’re better off sticking with what you know, even though it may not ideal.

But if you put in the time & effort to make a new habit of moving from your center, your body+mind will have more energy for healing, pleasure, & play

Rolfing x Personal Integrity

Our body+mind are equally-important parts of one fully-integrated system — 2 sides of the same coin. Everything truly is connected, more than most people realize. As you’re going through your Rolfing series, your body won’t be the only part of you that’s changing — your mental & emotional selves are along for the ride too.

Most of our clients spend time between sessions reflecting on the integrity of their movement & posture — it’s a natural part of the learning process. Our hope, though, is that you’re also reflecting on the integrity of your thoughts & words. And that, when faced with a choice, you choose to move from your center — your Truth & your Highest Good.

We are most powerful when our body+mind+spirit are all on the same page and working toward the same goal. And I believe that integrity is one of the greatest goals we can aspire to. Living with integrity gives us power — it makes us bullshit-proof —and it opens the doors for deep healing, satisfaction, pride & joy.