Self Love x Relationships

As Valentine’s Day approaches, expectations are mounting. There’s a lot of wishing & hoping (and sometimes even demanding) that our partner / date give us the right kind of love and attention — the right compliments & gifts & gestures.

I used to put a lot of V-Day pressure on myself, to be likeable or sexy enough to get the validation I felt I needed. Sometimes I got it, sometimes I didn’t. And when I didn’t, I was devastated because I thought it meant something about my worth.

By looking to my partner to satisfy my needs for fundamental love & worthiness, I was giving my power away and setting myself up for deep & devastating disappointment. But I learned how to take that power back when I started investing time & energy into giving myself the kind of love I needed.

Making this shift relieved a lot of pressure from the relationships I was in. And as I moved on to form new relationships, I was able to fearlessly communicate my needs & desires from a place of worthiness & love.

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