Titration x Productivity

We all know that moment: life is starting to get challenging and we’re feeling stretched, but our schedule is full and we have a lot on our plate.

In these moments, we have a choice: We can push ahead & test our limits. Or we can slow down and titrate (i.e. continuously measure & adjust the balance of) our stress levels to stay within our zone of tolerance.

Sometimes it’s good to push our limits and know what we’re capable of. And, when our giant pile of to-do’s is looming over us, it’s easy to think that the fastest/easiest thing to do is to ‘get it over with’ and rest later. But if we push ourselves to the point of burnout, it can take a lot of time & self-care to get back to health.

On the other hand, if we’re monitoring how we feel, taking breaks, and adjusting the amount of stress we put ourselves through, we allow ourselves to rest & recover as we go along. It can seem counterintuitive, but managing our stress levels in this way can help us to be more productive in the long run. We may work more slowly than we’re capable of, but we do better work with a healthy, well-rested body+mind. And we get to skip the days- or weeks-long burnout recovery period!

Appreciation x Manifestation

Take a moment to appreciate something you’ve worked for.

When we want something, get it, and then forge ahead to the next thing without pausing to enjoy, I feel like we send mixed signals to the Universe. Like, are you sure you really wanted this in your life? Or did you really want the ‘wanting’ and the ‘doing’?

Desire is a beautiful expression of our unique essence. But it can be uncomfortable when there isn’t enjoyment on the other side.

Fortunately, we can always enjoy what we’ve already received. And when we lean in to the good feels that come with getting what we want, we impress upon ourselves & the Universe that fulfilling our desires is worthwhile & yields positive results

Perfectionism x New Year's Resolutions


As we transition into the new year, many of us are making BIG plans! This time of year is so filled with hope & encouragement.

But I think this has happened to most of us — around March (...or, y’know, late January), we ‘fall off the bandwagon’ as they say.

Making a new habit feels weird, and sometimes we struggle and we don’t like it. And maybe we forget a few times, or skip it because we don’t feel like it. And then, after awhile, we just go back to what we’ve been doing because it’s easy & familiar.

I know, for me, it’s my streak of perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking that trips me up with stuff like this. When I can’t execute my perfect plan perfectly, my reaction is to think that I can’t do it - I’m not cut out for it, it’s too hard, etc. It’s like I’m so overwhelmed by feelings of not-good-enough that, to avoid dealing with them, I just shut down and give up.

Fortunately, I’ve learned to be more & more aware of this pattern. And whats helped the most is to give myself permission to do something badly.

Most people fumble & struggle & fail a lot before they become skilled at something — that’s just life. And yet I was expecting myself to be supernaturally good at things I had little-to-no practice doing.

When I expected I would do badly for awhile (and made myself okay with that), it became a lot less scary for me to try new things. And, ultimately, to perservere and succeed.