The 7 Shamanic Principles


Ike  |  The world is what you think it is

The effect an experience has on you varies depending on your interpretation of it. Ike (EE-kay) reminds us that we can choose to view a glass as half-empty or half-full, and the effects of that choice will touch every facet of our lives.


Kala  |  There are no limits

Two important premises of Kala (KAH-luh) are that the universe is infinite and that everything is connected. In a limitless, undivided universe, everything that is possible exists at once and there is no contrast or change to experience; therefore, one must create limitations in order to create a particular experience. 


Makia  |  Energy flows where attention goes

To say that everything is energy is not a new concept in physics - the brightness of a light, the loudness of a noise, and the solidity of an object can all be measured as some form of energy. Makia (mah-KEE-uh) assumes that thoughts and feelings are also forms of energy, and that the energy of our thoughts can affect the energy of everything around us.


Manawa  |  Now is the moment of power

If we accept that “the world is what you think it is”, then we accept that the present moment is a reflection of our beliefs & decisions about ourselves & the world around us. Manawa (mah-NAH-vah) teaches us that when we bring beliefs about the past or future into the present, we have the capacity to change them. Additionally it reminds us of the importance of sensory awareness - in order to affect the present moment, we need to have some awareness of ourselves & our surroundings in that moment.


Aloha  |  To love is to be happy with [someone or something]

Aloha (ah-LO-hah) is the Hawaiian word for “love”; the root ‘alo’ means “to be with” or “to share an experience here & now”, and ‘oha’ means “affection” or “joy”. This means that love exists to the degree that you are happy with the object of your love; it follows that as judgement, fear, and anger decrease, our capacity for love increases.


Mana  |  All power comes from within

If we accept that the universe is infinite and everything is connected, then it stands to reason that all of the power in the universe is accessible from every part of it, including the part that is you; nothing happens without our participation, be it conscious or unconscious. Generally the word Mana (MAH-nuh) translates to “power”, however, another translation is “authority”, reminding us that power comes from the authority we give to someone or something.


Pono  |  Effectiveness is the measure of truth

Pono (PO-no) teaches that what is truly important is whatever works; by comparison, seeking the Absolute Truth or Ultimate Reality has little-to-no practical value. There is always another way to do anything; the ways to improve life are diverse & infinite so if one approach isn’t working for you, try something else.