Video courtesy of Jody Mountain, a student of Abraham Kawai’i

Hawaiian temple bodywork is a ceremonial massage that was brought to the mainland from Hawaii by Abraham Kawai’i, a Hawaiian shaman. His work is sometimes referred to as temple-style lomilomi, lomilomi nui, or lomi ke’alahoku. The word lomi simply means ‘massage’, and there are many different traditions of Hawaiian massage. Temple-style lomilomi gets its name from this story: in ancient times, when a child was becoming an adult, the spiritual leaders of the village would take the child to a sacred temple where they would massage the person for days, or even weeks, until the all of their physical, spiritual, and creative energies were fully integrated. Then, they would present the person back to the village as an awakened and aligned adult member of society.

In the modern adaptation of this work, 1 - 2 practitioners massage the recipient for 2+ hours with a mindful, nurturing quality of touch. We use our hands and forearms to administer long, smooth, flowing strokes that span the length of the body. The continuous flow of circular and figure-8 shaped movement is said to disrupt the thinking mind, allowing the recipient to enter a state of deep relaxation. This mental state is sometimes called ‘Theta State’, and it is known as the optimal state for visualization, creativity, and mental reprogramming. From this deeply relaxed theta state, recipients have reported the surfacing of memories, emotions, and dream-like visions.

The massage is performed within the context of a ceremony that includes breathwork, chanting, music, and sacred movement. We humans have been performing ceremonial rituals for upwards of 70,000 years because they are powerful tools for marking the significance of a life transition. Although this ceremony was originally a rite-of-passage for young adults, it can be adapted for any life change the recipient wishes to make.

Recommended For:

  • Relieving stress & tension

  • Facilitating life transitions

  • Releasing trauma

  • Enhancing meditation

What To Expect

The pricing listed is for 1 practitioner. If you are interested in a four-handed session, please email us at

Sessions are typically 3-4 hours long. We strongly encourage you to schedule on a day that you have nothing else planned. It is important to take especially good care of yourself in the days following your ceremony.

Be sure to eat a light meal before coming in for your appointment. If there are any areas of your body that you shave, please shave the day of your session to remove any stubble.

We’ll begin by discussing your hopes & goals for the ceremony. If you’re unsure what you’d like to focus on, we have divination tools available to help you clarify your intentions. The ritual begins with breath, chanting, and dance and ends with the ‘unveiling’ of a brand new you!

The massage is performed directly on the vinyl table, with no sheet beneath the body. Most clients prefer minimal draping to avoid interruptions in contact; we’ll discuss the draping you’re most comfortable with before your session.

The pressure should be at a comfortable level throughout the massage; please keep your practitioner informed of your needs. We understand that emotions may come up during and after the session, and we are prepared to support you. This is a safe space!

What Clients are Saying

“I really can't say enough about my experience at MANAworks. This was my first experience with lomi lomi massage, and it was far and away the best massage of my life. I've had a real stressful go at work lately, and I left Jen's studio feeling like a completely different person.”

- Ian L. on Yelp

“This is not your average massage. The lomi lomi massage I received from Jennifer was nothing short of transformative... I swear, the word ‘massage’ does a disservice to this experience. I was quite literally in tears at the end, just filled with gratitude for Jennifer's energy and skill. I would encourage anyone facing a new phase of their life, or shaking off an old one, to book with her immediately! You won't regret it!!!”

- Jianna L. on Google