Jen is a bodyworker & educator devoted to helping people overcome overwhelm & embody their power


Years ago, I took a semester off from college to train as a massage therapist. My expectations were low - honestly, I just wanted to learn a trade that would pay more than my part-time restaurant job. Nevertheless, I ended up on a wild journey of self-discovery.

Several years, lots of therapy, and many leaps of faith later, I’ve learned about myself, what I want from life & how to get it; I’ve improved my relationships with myself & my body, with my family & friends, and with my clients; I’ve built a successful business, expanded my skill set, traversed the country, and started all over again. I feel happier, more relaxed, more connected, and more powerful than ever, and those feelings are growing all the time. Perhaps more importantly, though, I know how much of a struggle it can be to address feelings of unhappiness, stress, disconnection, and powerlessness.

Through my experiences, I’ve developed a unique set of skills & tools to help clients understand themselves & their bodies and to discover what works best for them, whether that’s a new pattern of movement or a new way of thinking.



Jennifer Dayton completed her 500-hour massage therapy training at the Texas Healing Arts Institute in 2012. In 2015 she began training in Temple-Style LomiLomi & Hawaiian shamanic tradition, and has since completed more than 150 hours of formal workshops & mentorship. She began her 600-hour training at The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2016, and is now a Certified Rolfer