Are you ready to heal from the past and ascend into your power?

Are you ready to be nurtured & held as you welcome the next phase of your life?

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Humans have been performing ceremonial rituals for upwards of 70,000 years because they are powerful tools for facilitating life transitions. For instance, we presently have rituals to help us process the emotional & practical changes that occur when a someone dies, gets married, or finishes their degree.

Hawaiian temple bodywork was originally part of a rite-of-passage ritual for young people. The story goes that in ancient times, when a child was becoming an adult, the kahunas of the village would take the child to a sacred temple where they would massage the person for days, or even weeks, until the all of their physical, spiritual, and creative energies were fully integrated. Then, they would present the person back to the village as an awakened & aligned adult member of society.

This sacred work was brought to the mainland from Hawaii by Abraham Kawai’i, a Hawaiian shaman. It is sometimes referred to as temple-style lomilomi, lomilomi nui, or lomi ke’alahoku - ‘the pathway to the stars’.

In the modern adaptation of this work, 2 practitioners massage you for 2+ hours with a mindful, nurturing quality of touch. Loving touch that is not sexual provides a container for deep healing & restoration. Additionally, the continuous flow of circular and figure-8 shaped movement is said to disrupt the thinking mind, allowing you to enter a state of deep relaxation.

This mental state is called ‘theta state’, and it is known as the optimal state for visualization, creativity, and mental reprogramming. Perhaps this is what the ancients referred to as ‘the stars’ - the realm of the spirit, deep within our body+mind, beneath the buzz of thoughts & social constructs.

So, basically, this is not your average massage! This work can make a lasting impression on your subconscious and bring forth the next dimension of your Highest Self.

Work With Us

In a Ritual Massage session, we’ll help you:

  • Let go of limiting thoughts & beliefs

  • Heal trauma

  • Expand your inner awareness

  • Carve new neural pathways

  • Establish constructive life patterns

Here’s the breakdown:


First, we’ll talk about your goals & intentions. What are you ready to leave behind? What are you ready to welcome into your life? We listen deeply, hold space for your experience, and teach you how to participate in the ritual to receive the highest benefits possible.


We begin the ceremony with a protection ritual; this helps create a space where you can feel safe to fully unwind. Then we ask our guides & ancestors to grant us the wisdom we need. Before beginning the massage, we perform a ritual dance around the table called ka’aleleau, or the ‘Flight of the Navigator’

The Massage

The massage takes place directly on the vinyl table, with no sheet beneath the body. The powerful, rhythmic music; loving, nurturing energy; and long, smooth, flowing strokes that span the length of the body help you to enter a state of deep relaxation. In this state, you might have memories & emotions surface or experience dream-like visions, all of which serve to aid your transformation.

The Unveiling

We finish the massage with a sheeting ritual that culminates in the unveiling of a brand new you. It’s a gesture that signifies death & rebirth, and it’s a lovely way to close the ceremony. Before you get up from the table, we take a few minutes to tenderly wipe the extra oil from your body. Aside from being an act of nurturing, the sensation of the towels against your skin helps bring you back to consensus reality.


After the session, stick around and enjoy a cup of tea while you transition back to ‘normal’. You’ll continue to integrate your experience over the coming days & weeks.

Your GuideS


Jen is a trauma-informed bodyworker, educator, and coach. She is passionate about helping trauma survivors, children of alcoholics, and recovering perfectionists heal their relationship with their Self and access their inner power. For more info about Jen, click here.



Cam is an intuitive bodyworker & educator dedicated to helping folks from religious backgrounds overcome shame & disconnection and rebuild their self-love & trust through embodiment. For more info about Cam, click here.

What’s Included

  • (1) 3-hour, 4-handed massage ritual at our studio in SE Portland

  • (1) book or journal of your choosing from our in-studio shop

  • Exercises & journal prompts to help you go deeper after our session

  • Priority support via email & text

  • Immeasurable empathy, compassion, witnessing, and encouragement

Your commitment

  • The desire to meaningfully facilitate a life transition

  • 3-4 hours for the session, plus open-ended time afterward for integration

* Deposit due at time of booking; sliding scale rates available *

What Clients Are Saying

“I really can't say enough about my experience at MANAworks. This was my first experience with lomi lomi massage, and it was far and away the best massage of my life. I've had a real stressful go at work lately, and I left Jen's studio feeling like a completely different person.”

- Ian L.

“This is not your average massage. The lomi lomi massage I received from Jennifer was nothing short of transformative... I swear, the word ‘massage’ does a disservice to this experience. I was quite literally in tears at the end, just filled with gratitude for Jennifer's energy and skill. I would encourage anyone facing a new phase of their life, or shaking off an old one, to book with her immediately! You won't regret it!!!”

- Jianna L.